Awesome Ales

Master Brewer

David Lederfine

All of our Ales are created under the watchful eye of our master brewer. David is 19 year veteran of the craft brewing industry, 11 of those years were with paddle in hand as Brewmaster. His inspiration comes from the music that he listens to, as well as the places that he goes. He's an avid hiker and camper with many favorite spots throughout Oregon. While television and movies slowly dominate the majority of our lives, David is a more old school type of person and prefers to read a good book. It's this interesting mix of rock and roll with a love of classics that infused his recipes with a classic beginning, but an American "Rock-N-Roll" twist. You'll find that he has a story behind every batch. What he was thinking of, what he heard, where he was when he first came up with an idea of how to twist a classic. Whether you want something that goes down easy during a great music show, something to drink down while gathered around a table on a Friday night, or just something to sip while you catch up with an old friend, David's got a special recipe for you.