Awesome Ales

About Awesome Ales

We are a gypsy and tenant craft beer brand, headquartered in the Northern Willamette Valley of Oregon. We produce classic high end, hand crafted ales. Our mission is to create smooth and drinkable ales.

While we constantly strive to innovate and create new and exciting beers, all great innovations have to start from a strong base. So you will find our beers are based upon classic European beers. We take these classic styles and give them an American feel that makes them drinkable and appealing. While we create a premium product, we want to create a beer that's as comfortable in a plastic cup at a Timbers game, as it is in a Riedel Pilsner in a five star restaurant.

As an independent, locally owned, company each of our recipes are designed by us, are proprietary in nature, and hand crafted using the highest quality ingredients. We constantly strive for innovation and get our inspiration from our lives and the region that we live in, the Pacific Northwest.

Most people ask us, "Why Awesome Ales?". It's such a cheeky out of date phrase. And that's exactly why we chose it. Our beers are the type of beers that if you're sitting on the couch and just want to have one, but you want it to be a good one, you choose ours. We want to create the type of beers that if you're out with your friends having fun, you want to split a pitcher of our beer. A beer that's drinkable, but memorable. One that you've never heard of, and when you try it, you say "Wow, that's an awesome beer." As you're out creating memorable days and times around the great state of Oregon, that the sounds and sights are complemented by a memorable, affordable beer. One of our Awesome Ales.

Awesome AlesThe Logo

It's not what you would expect from a craft brewer. It's not a picture of a keg, or of some guy from the 50s with a handle bar mustache. Images that we traditional associate with brewing beer. It's different. It's red and round to catch your eye, and gives the feeling of simplicity and class. It's hand written, because each of our Ales are hand crafted. And it's got a picture of hop, because underneath it all, that's what we're all about.

Our Principles

  • 1
    Start with the best ingredients that we can find and be involved in every step of the process. You spend your hard earned money on it, we want it to be worth it.
  • 2
    We don't want to just be different, we want to be better. We want to take something that's good and indiviualize it.
  • 3
    If you're not having fun, then it's work. We want to have as much fun making it, as you do drinking it.